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Safety without compromise in medical technology!

Holding technologies for surgical devices and robots

In the dynamic world of medical technology, holding brakes play a crucial role in the safety and precision of surgical procedures. These important components are integrated into modern surgical devices and robots and ensure precise positioning and stability.

In this white paper you will learn more about the various applications in medical technology, the integration of holding brakes and how to select the right brake for your application.

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Electromagnetic brakes in medical technology


Secure hold with imaging systems


Interior of modern ophthalmology operating room with modern equipment_web-1

Perfect positioning of surgical microscopes


Robotic assisted surgery in operating room_web-1

Absolute reliability for surgical robots



Safety for autonomous vehicles


permanent magnet brake-electromagnetic brake-pm line-86 611..x..-1

PM Line

Classic permanent magnet brake

spring applied brake-electromagnetic brake-servo line-KS 100..A..-1

Servo Line

Spring-applied brakes for integration in servo motors

permanent magnet brake-electromagnetic brakes-high torque line-86 611..P00-1

High Torque Line

Permanent magnet brake with high torque

spring applied brake-electromagnetic brake-servo slim line-SL 500..A00-1

Servo Slim Line

Flat spring-applied brake with large inner diameter